Best Ultra-Modern Practices for Fleet Driver Recruitment and Retention

A severe bottleneck in America’s supply chain is driver shortage in the trucking industry. According to the American Trucking Association (ATA), we face a deficit of 80,000 truck drivers. Fleet management software This severe shortage is rapidly wreaking havoc in the middle of a global pandemic and global supply chain crisis.

It’s pedal to the metal time to bridge this void gaping wide at us. Here are 3 ultra-modern modus operandi we can use as a fleet company to attract, recruit and retain efficient truck drivers. Reimagining new and creative methods are the way to go.


  1. Meet the new class of drivers – The millennials.: With President Biden’s infrastructure bill passed in November 2021, letting drivers as young as 18 drive a truck across state lines, there is hope that it will fill the driver shortfall. Another attractive opportunity for freight companies in the long-haul driving segment is hiring female drivers and people from minorities. The median age of a trucker is between 49 to 55, mostly from the baby boomer generation and there has been a substantial number of recent retirements leading to this shortage. Replacing them with millennials in terms of diversity and inclusivity is a very innovative solution for this disparity, making fleet companies shine in this area.


But how to attract these millennials in the first place? Here’s how:


Speak their lingo and home in on the things that matter to them.

  • Utilize Social Media: Don’t just use internet platforms as a social media marketing tool. Use these reliable resources to exponentially increase the job post ads’ Fleet management software reach to attract them, and broadcast about your company culture. A recent survey drive-by Truckers News found that Facebook is by far the top social media platform favored by truckers. See, where is this going?
  • Get the right drivers through the doors: Do this by rolling out the latest recruiting strategies and chucking the traditional hiring process. Incorporate technology into your equipment and practices around onboarding, orientation, managing, and training. This will only encourage millennials to see trucking as a viable career.
  • Highlight benefits that make a difference: Millennials are all about packages that fit their needs, such as work-life balance, health and wellness programs, real-time performance feedback and coaching, pet-friendly policies, career advancement opportunities, or student loan repayment plans. Make such creative offerings in your job postings, and you’ve got a steady stream of interested applicants for the job.


  1. Create a Driver Centric Company Culture: There is nothing worse than feeling like expendable collateral for drivers. The last thing a driver wants from a company is the lack of support in dealing with challenging situations on the road with varying disconnects. Ensure that your company culture creates a conducive atmosphere by taking their feedback directly through engagement surveys, in-person conversations, or a poll. Apart from salary hikes, enhance Driver retention by implementing referral bonus programs or performance incentives. Don’t think that lofty sign–on bonuses will retain drivers. Offer them opportunities to accomplish and grow in the community and reward them for maintaining good safety measures, fuel efficiency, and time management skills. Addressing their feedback and being aware of your driver’s happiness and over- satisfaction is an excellent retention method.


  1. Avail of the best Fleet Management Technology: Investing in the latest State of the art tools and tech can help protect your drivers from accidents and serious injuries, thus making their work environment safe, supported, comfortable and well-equipped. Supplement standard capabilities like ELD, Messaging, Data collection (Vehicle and Driver) with additional functionalities like engine warning notifications, optimized route planning, installing dash-cams, adding commercial in-cab navigation platforms, and electronic scanning devices or Applications. These increase Driver retention and give you massive returns on your investment. 


There you have it, the three effective methods to recruit and retain top talent. Good luck in the Driver hiring process and long-term Driver retention.